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    Το The Export Helpdesk of Enterprise Greece (EG) is an online platform that provides information on export procedures through alternative channels (telephone, email, web interface, electronic forms, etc.), regulations and markets. It adds value to Greek firms by enabling them to capitalize on new export prospects and improve their worldwide presence.


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    EG provides an extremely important portfolio to serve the Greek exporters or potential exporters. Export helpdesk provides valuable information facilitating the business  development and access to new markets. 
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    Based on the report for 2022:

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    Learn all about how to start and grow your business's exports, with sound methodical moves, how to choose your target markets and how to face the competition by adapting your product and its communication according to local specificities .

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  • Export Potential Map • Greece

    The EPM-Greece tool was created by the International Trade Centre for Enterprise Greece.Export Potential Map Greece is a free tool that turns economic analysis into practical trade information using the ITC export potential methodology. Using the Map’s customizable and shareable visualizations, you can find Greece's products and markets with (untapped) export potential. ITC Export Potential Methodology


Enterprise Greece is the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greek State, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are your gateway to the opportunities Greece offers.

Our mission is two-fold: We provide foreign investors with a one-stop shop for information, consulting, and assistance through every phase of their investment project, and we promote Greek products and services in international markets.

Internationalization and promotion of domestic products in international markets is a strategic choice for dynamic Greek businesses, contributing to increasing the added value of the production base towards high-quality goods and services with knowledge integration.

More and more companies realize the need to expand their activities beyond national borders to maintain their sustainability and enhance their competitive advantage. However, the process of successful internationalization can prove challenging without the assistance of suitable partners.

Enterprise Greece is here to help. You can leverage our strong network of contacts at the national and international levels and our extensive expertise to make decisions that will smooth your path towards success.

An organized way of showcasing Greek products and export-oriented businesses in general. Their purpose is to promote Greek products in international markets, boost national exports, generate public interest, stimulate trade, and raise awareness of innovation in various fields of productive activity.

At trade fairs, competition among participants is encouraged, as they strive to demonstrate the distinctiveness of their products and the superiority of their services through printed materials, product samples, discussions, presentations, demonstrations, events, and more.

Enterprise Greece's effort is focused on organizing technically proficient participations that enable both new and existing exporters to achieve the best possible results during each fair.

A highly effective tool for companies, which allows them to explore the possibilities of cooperation with branded companies - foreign buyers in order to achieve the final goal of exporting their products.

The objective of the business missions is to better exploit the business opportunities presented in the export sector and aims to conclude initial agreements with respective local importers. The event is organized in collaboration with the relevant Economic and Commercial Affairs offices of the Greek Embassies, which are also responsible for the selection of buyers.